About - Atterboy
Atterboy is a design service focused on excellence, specialising in branding, layout, UX and illustration. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality end product, quick turnaround time and honest communication.
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For the past decade, I have been involved in design in different industries, finding creative solutions to design problems.

After studying Communication Design, I started as an advert designer for a newspaper, where speed was necessary and pressure abundant. I then ran a media team for a church, which gave me the freedom to create and explore the many facets of design; I moved into a more traditional role in 2014 as a senior designer at an agency in Cape Town, where I was exposed to the industry and meeting bigger clients; from there Atterboy was born and in 2015 I took the step over into freelance.

Coupling creativity and a curious mind puts me at the centre of scenarios where problems fall outside of the spec of everyday work and I’m tasked to handle them. In every job i’ve had, i’ve been thrown into situations where I shouldn’t be expected to know the answer, but simply because I pursued understanding, i’ve found many. The same principle can be used throughout life – but in particular with design – the more you invest in pursuing answers, the more diverse of a response you’ll create.

” There is always a solution when you work creatively “

Atterboy was born out of a need to create a space for freedom to focus on excellence. This freedom has allowed me to maintain the freelance lifestyle and to focus on my core services and strengths – branding, layout and illustration; offering a service built on maintaining honest communication, quick turn around and a quality end product.